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2019 Genesis G70 Sedan

  • Starting at: $34,900

2019 Genesis G80 Sedan

  • Starting at: $42,050

2019 Genesis G90 Sedan

  • Starting at: $68,350

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Indulge Your Most Urbane Proclivities in the Luxurious Genesis Lineup

The Genesis brand might be new, but that newness allows it to bring a revitalizing breath of fresh air to the boring and stagnant luxury sedan segment. Are you getting tired of the same luxury designs, slightly tweaked and trotted out as new? The Genesis brand offers a sense of elegance and power as well as beauty in design. It adheres to the classic properties of luxurious beauty while offering high-end buyers more choice, variety, and top-shelf performance to match. The lineup currently consists of the Genesis G80, a fun and sporty sedan, and the Genesis G90, the brand's flagship sedan, embodying executive luxury in every curve, in both design and performance. There is more in store for Genesis in the coming months and years, including coupes and SUVs, so this is only the beginning!

The Genesis G80

Sporty, stylish, and with no shortage of premium appointments, the Genesis G80 Sedan delivers plenty of power. You can go with the standard 311-horsepower V6 engine or opt for the ferocious and fantastic 420-horsepower V8 and inject each drive with a sense of exhilaration. In terms of style, you can expect to find plenty of premium options, including rich wood accents, leather seating, and cutting-edge in-cabin technology.

The Genesis G90 Sedan

If you've ever dreamed of a personal jet, this is your chance for a private-jet feeling on wheels. This luxurious executive sedan is the perfect complement to the G80 sedan, its full-size companion. It offers a standard 365-horsepower V6 engine and an optional 420-horsepower V8 like the G80, but this sedan is loaded up with premium appointments, so unlike many luxury nameplates, you won't find yourself tallying up the huge extra expense when you get through the packages and optional equipment.

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